Why Allow Customers to Order Online?

A major breakthrough in the restaurant business was the ability to order food over the phone. This is now considered standard fare for many restaurants, and the internet has become the new way for restaurants to differentiate themselves and their service. Ordering food online is a convenient way for customers to get their food delivered to them without the hassle of trying to ensure that the guy on the other end of the line wrote down their order properly. Restaurants who allow their customers to order online are often chosen over those that do not, simply for reasons of convenience. By setting up an online order system, you can make sure your restaurant does not fall behind the curve set by technology.

“Traditional” Online Ordering

In a traditional online ordering scenario, the customer must first make his way to your website. Even if the customer knows how to find your website, this can be confusing. Restaurant web design in New Jersey is different than restaurant web design in Mongolia. No two websites are the same, and while this can help you to stand out, it can also work against you if customers have trouble finding out which buttons they need to press in order to get their order through. If the customer doesn’t know how to order their food, they will end up going to another restaurant that they are already familiar with and simply get their food somewhere else. When it comes to ordering food online, simplicity is paramount.

Integrating Ordering into Facebook

One new idea that has been had by several web designers is to start integrating the food ordering process into a Facebook application. People are much more likely to order food if it is convenient for them. This is the entire reason for phone ordering and, in the modern world of the internet, ordering you food online. By adding a restaurant application to Facebook you can make it simple for the customer to order their favorite food with a single click. No more will they have to go out and find your web site and remember their order. It can all be done from a website that they are already using. This is the next big step in restaurant web design.

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