When is it best to switch to a dedicated server

Imagine you have built a website which worked fine at first, but is now taking more time to load or is often brought down by hackers. This can happen if you are on a shared hosting and the host is having a hard time responding to all the requests or is often attacked. The solution: a dedicated server. There are several things to check to decide whether it is time for you to switch to one.

If your site’s traffic consists of thousands of daily visitors, and there are other popular sites hosted on the same computer, its response time will be very poor. This can drive customers away because your site will not load quickly and hence it will be less user-friendly. A server working only for you will not have this problem.

If the website’s security is a primary issue, this is another indicator that switching to dedicated hosting is a good idea. If a hacker attacks a website on a shared server and your site is hosted on there, too, you are likely to suffer from the attack even though your website was not the target.

If you are a company with limited staff for network administration, dedicated hosting is an ideal option for you. It is often much more affordable than managing a server in your workplace. Moreover, the provider of the service is likely to have professionals to take care of the computers.

A dedicated server may appear more expensive than a shared one at first, but often there comes a time when switching to one is more plausible for a business. The best part is that you rarely have to worry about any technical issues and most of the time all you need to do is taking good care of your website and customers.

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