Use Facebook to Find a Job!

Facebook for many people is just all fun and games but what few realize is that you can actually find a job by using the tool you spend time on every day!  Many companies are starting to realize that they can reach a large market of potential employees without a large amount of cost.  Lots of people who try to  find a job with Facebook will go to three places:

1) Fan Pages  are a great place to try to find a job.  Most companies will post job opportunities on their wall and what company wouldn’t want their fans working for them as employees?  As more third party applications come out that will allow organizations to easily install employment tabs on their pages more people will view the Fan Page as a resource for employment opportunities.

2) The MarketPlace application was developed thinking that it could be the E-Bay of Facebook.  It has been the E-Bay of Facebook to a certain extent but isn’t quite as well known.  Recruiters are now using marketplace to easily post jobs because the listings are very cost effective.  (Average cost per listing is around a dollar)

3) A lot of companies are now running advertisements on Facebook to assist with rising hiring needs.  Facebook advertising is very cost effective compared to trying to buy an ad on Monster, CareerBuilder, or Dice.  Most recruiters want to target people where they spend the most time and with almost half of all Facebook users logging in every day it’s easy to see why this is a great option!

Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon and most people think it’s only going to get bigger.  Leading social media speakers think that the need for job seekers to look on social networking sites for their next job opportunity is only to be greater.  With the increase in technology comes the increase in opportunity!  Good luck in your next job search!

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