Tru Health and Wellness

Tru Health and Wellness

The Company’s History

With all the quick-fix solutions and magic shortcuts that promise easy results and cloud people’s eyes from understanding what health truly is, it was clear that something needed to be done. Dave Zappasodi and Craig Morgan started Tru Health with the purpose of revealing why we, as a general population, are so unhealthy and what we can do to fix it. The quality of the fitness program Craig and Dave created speaks for itself. By targeting customers who are fed up with the current model of health Tru Health opens their client’s eyes to a greater understanding of their health potential.

The Problem

Over the years Tru Health has created assessments and schematics which help their trainers understand their client’s nutrition, fitness regimens and more. Their clients receive regular communication from the staff with suggestions for workouts, stretches and food types to consume specific to their metabolic profile. The problem was that everything was either on paper or in spreadsheets – static data that trainers had to personally spend the time to look through, assess, and make recommendations on. They needed a faster way to deliver suggestions and record information on a client, making that information available to other staff members for the purpose of redundancy.

The Solution

Perfect Space was called upon to deliver a custom web application which took all the assessments and schematics and transform them into a web-based system. Their system now allows staff members to create new client records for trainers, record assessments, and automatically generate customizable stretches and suggestions for nutrition based on the client’s recent results and meal log.

Today, Tru Health and Wellness is flourishing with this new system in place. At the time of writing this current case study, Tru Health is expanding into it’s second facility in the San Diego area. We’ve been more than happy to be a part of their growth strategy.

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