Tiny Geocoder

Tiny Geocoder

The Project

Tiny GeoCoder is a product of Perfect Space, and more specifically an idea hatched out of personal need by the founder, Nate Ritter. The short story is that Nate created Tiny Geocoder a simple to use service for himself. He wanted to track his travels across the globe and update the map on his blog. That was the initial thought. What happened after publicizing the service became much more important.

The Problem

Nate wanted a way to get the latitude and longitude of places without having to go through crazy location-based services and massive API responses from typical geocoding services. Rather than create a library that had to be included in all his web applications each time, he created an API which serves up the same results. Only this time, he just calls a URL. That way it can be quickly used in any website, mobile application, etc.

The Results

Going about his travels, he found it worked perfectly. After coming back to San Diego and talking with a few people at KPBS, the local NPR affiliate, he was convinced to release the service into the public domain.

Less than 8 months later, the service had processed over 13 million queries from web and mobile application developers. The growth rate of this service has been phenomenal and we’ll be doing everything in our power to help the web and application developers of the world to have a free (or very cheap) API to use for the flood of new location based services we expect to see in the coming years.

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