The Value of Blocking Websites and How to Unblock Them

It is a common story especially in nations that are looking to keep certain content off their internet space for them to block a site such that the person browsing the net is unable to connect to that site. In such instances the site is made unavailable to the internet user either within a limited time or in a much wider period of time and on all computers in that country. Like all technology this too has its good uses and not so good uses. However, whether the motivation for blocking and subsequent unblocking is right or wrong depends on the perspective of the individual user.

The use of technology that blocks websites with good intentions is in several areas and one such environment is in educational institutions. The most common sites blocked in educational institutions such as colleges and universities are movie, music, and entertainment sites, pornography sites, and socializing and book-marking sites. The intention is to ensure that those using the internet on the institution’s machines do not while away their time doing everything else other than studying and this is a good control. The other common environments where there are controls to site access are in organizations and are commonly on socializing and public email sites. The public email sites, especially on organizational networks do this to protect their systems from external malicious interference.

However, one can unblock websites and go on to view them. There are some websites that may have a setting that hinders you from viewing them. For these cases you may have reason to know how to unblock websites. If a website is live, but you are specifically unable to access it, it means that the website identifies your particular IP address and has a configuration to ensure that your particular IP address cannot access their content. The way to go around that is to alter your IP address either for the long or short term. A short term change of IP means that for the time you are on a different IP address you can access the particular website that you were previously unable to access. However, as soon as you revert to your usual IP, then again you cannot access the website.

If for instance you are on an internet access that has intentionally blocked the access to certain sites either as a security measure or for academic reasons, yet you need to get onto the particular site without compromising those reasons, you can access the other site by using an anonymous proxy which protects your identity.

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