The Marvelous 360 Degree Feedback Survey

There is a marvelous new way to get evaluations completed in the workplace and it’s 360 feedback survey. This is probably different from the way that most companies get their evaluations done. While most companies use evaluations in an employees regular performance reviews, most don’t have a full 360 degrees of feedback. The company that doesn’t use this great system will be spending a lot of their time trying to gather information from various sources. Then they will probably have one of their employees waste a lot of time trying to put the various evaluations together in a way that is easy to understand and then they will try and put it to use in an employee’s evaluation. Basically, it’s not always helpful and in many ways it’s quite a time waster.

So finding a new and better way to do these evaluations would be important for any company. They want to save time and money. But more than that, a company will want to improve their workplace. They want to improve the experiences that a customer or client has. They also want to improve the basic moral in the office.

This is where the 360 degree feedback survey comes into play. The employees are not just evaluated from one or two places. Supervisors, customers, co-workers and team members will all be given the chance to fill out a survey about the employee. The surveys are easily done in the format that the company chose. The company was also encouraged to pick the exact survey questions and specifications. This allows for easy to gather information and makes it easier than ever to put it all together in a way that makes sense to everyone involved in the evaluation.

Companies will quickly love the ease and stability that comes with a 360 degree feedback survey. The results will be so clear and easy to understand. The necessary changes will be made with employees and the company will improve in so many ways. The results to the survey can come in a performance review with each individual employee. Another bonus to this type of feedback survey is that an employee won’t be able to argue with the results. They can’t argue when they know the findings in their survey came from so many different sources. Companies will never go back to the old way of doing performance reviews!

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