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Recently a family member asked me to help set up a WordPress site so they could start blogging and share with the world their thoughts about life. One of the things requested was a plugin that would allow them to put a quote they liked onto the sidebar. It seemed like a simple enough request. So I headed off to to look at their vast plugin library.

What started out as a simple plugin request, turned out to be somewhat of a disheartening dead end. Don’t get me wrong; there are tons of quote plugins out there. I just wasn’t able to find anything that was simple and straight forward.

Most of the plugins pulled quotes from external websites and displayed random quotes. Others were poorly written and confusing to implement, much less use. Here is what I wanted: to enter whatever quote I want, to add an author or source of the quote, and to show that quote where I want, when I want, and how I want. And then I had a thought, “I’ll just make it myself!”. And Perfect Quotes was born.

About Perfect Quotes

Perfect Quotes is a simple plugin designed to do only one thing: to display your quote where you want it, nothing more, nothing less. It is built around custom post types, which allows every quote you ever have added to be archived in the WordPress database. You’ll never wish you could remember that one quote, it’s still there! It has a widget function, so you can put the quotes on the sidebar of your site, or maybe the footer. It also has a shortcode which allows you to place whichever quote you want into and blog post or page you want! Let’s get started and put your quotes onto your site!

Perfect Quote Plugin Installation

The easiest way is to navigate in your WordPress admin area to Plugins > Add New. In the plugin search bar type in “Perfect Quotes” and press enter. Once you locate the plugin, install it. It will automatically download the plugin into your WordPress application. When it is complete, click Activate Plugin and your on your way!

How to write a Perfect Quote

You will notice a new menu at the bottom of the left hand menu that looks like this

Click on Add new and you will be taken to a new page where you can add your quote. Type in your new quote like this:

If you want to add an author or source for you quote you will need to use what is called a custom field. In the Name field type in “perfect_quote_author”. And in the Value field type in the name of the author or source. Then click Add Custom Field. Enter the info like this:

Once that is complete we are ready to save the quote. You can also have this post publish at a later date if you so choose, or you can save it as a draft. Your choice. Whatever you choose, click either the Save Draft button or the Publish button when you are done.

You have now entered your first quote. I am sure it won’t be your last!

The Perfect Quotes Widget

If you want to add the widget to your sidebar or other area on your site, follow the instructions here to accomplish just that. First you will want to navigate to the Widgets area. Look at this menu to see what I mean:

Once in the the Widgets area, drag the Perfect Quotes widget from the main area to the sidebar or area of you choice. For this example, I dragged it to the Main Sidebar.

After you have placed it in the area you chose, click the down arrow on the right side of the widget to show a few options. You can give it a title of your choice. If you leave it blank, it will default to Perfect Quotes.Here you can see I chose to title mine My Quotes. You can also enter how many quotes you want displayed at a time. The default for this is only one quote. Keep in mind, that this widget will always grab the newest quote first and work its way back. Then click Save and go view your site!

Here is what the finished Perfect Quotes widget looks like on the site.

Perfect Quotes Shortcode

What is a shortcode you might ask? It is a simple “code” or set of instructions that WordPress understands and which tells WordPress to do something. In this case, we are going to tell WordPress to grab a particular quote so we can show it in a post or on a page.

It is really quite simple. On the Perfect Quotes custom post overview page, find the quote you are looking for. Then locate the column title Shortcode and copy the corresponding short code. It should look something like [perfect_quotes id=”54″].


Once you have copied this, take it over to the post or page of your choice, or add a new post or page, then paste the shortcode where you would like it to appear.


Then Update or Publish your post or page, and go view it to see how it looks!

Congratulations! That’s all there is to it! Happy Perfect Quoting!

240 Responses to “Perfect Quotes – a WordPress plugin”

  1. brandon says:

    I will have to look into it, but most likely it is because either some new plugin has been installed which is conflicting with the quotes plugin, or, more likely, the new WP core has been updated with new functions, and some that the quote plugin is using have been deprecated. I will have to debug it and see if this is the case. And WP 3.8 is just around the corner, which will change more things, too.

  2. mauricio says:


    I’d like to know that this plugin works in multilanguages wordpress sites? I’ll use wpml.

    Thanks you!

  3. brandon says:

    I honestly don’t know if it works using wpml. If you are willing to try it out and let me know, I would appreciate that. If not, no worries.

  4. Antoninf says:

    Hi, I’m just using your plugin and I would like to know how do I can format the ‘author’ and where ‘tag’ so they can keep in the same line. I’m using ‘where’ for the url from where I picked the quote inside my posts. Thanks in advance for the answer and Happy New Year!

  5. brandon says:

    You can format the tag, but you would have to get into the code to move things around. At this point I haven’t created a more flexible layout solution yet.

  6. Bill K says:


    Very nice plugin. Any plans to make the quotes rotate randomly ?

  7. brandon says:

    No, I don’t have any plans to make them rotate. It would require me to introduce a jquery slider or similar which I don’t want to do for this plugin. It would introduce another level of complexity that I am trying to avoid.

  8. Peggy says:

    I really wish this rotated an assortment of quotes. That’s what I’m looking for and is disheartening that I can’t find a good one. :(

  9. brandon says:

    It just requires the use of a rotator or slider type plugin. A great one to use is bxSlider. Unfortunately I have no plans to include this feature at this point.

  10. JG Breeden says:

    Looks good, but it messed up my Widgets menu. Everything alphabetically after the Perfect Quotes-Single Quote button (Recent Comments, etc) is showing like a child item, and is no longer usable as a widget. Using WP 3.8.1

  11. brandon says:

    Well that’s not good. I will have to see what methods have been deprecated with the release of WP 3.8 and fix those. Thanks for the heads up!

  12. Dan says:

    Hi Brandon!!
    Great plugin!! Been looking at it for a bit and finally installed it on our dev site today… I share your initial frustration lol, I too was looking for something like this last year, and surprisingly there was NOTHING like it. :-)
    So glad you added quote author to the quote post page.
    There are a couple of suggestions I was hoping to get your thoughts on…
    1.) would it be possible to change the “post type slug” to “/quotes/” instead of the current “/perfect-quotes/”?
    2.) On the post edit page, would it be possible to change the quote itself to be a textarea instead of a single wide input text line? Even a 3-row textarea would be perfect… as many quotes are longer than the single line, and it’s awkward scrolling back and forth in the single input box. :-)
    3.) the quote post page (when you click “view quote”) displays the quote, but does not show the author… also the layout of that post isn’t quite as appealing as the widget layout is… is it possible to include the author on that page, and make the layout look a bit more like the widget? Also I can find/share a screenshot of a nice individual quote page layout we’d come up with a while back if it helps. :-)

  13. anthony says:

    thank you for this plugin. i have a question that I’m not sure has been answered.
    is there a way to get a picture to show up next to the quote?

  14. brandon says:

    Thank you for your ideas. I may at some point introduce the changes you have suggested. I need to come back around and do a big revamp and the plugin as it has been awhile since I have released any significant changes.

  15. brandon says:

    At this point I don’t have any plans on including this type of feature. However you could place an image, align it the the left or right, and then, using the shortcode place the quote after the image. This may help accomplish what you are wanting to do.

  16. anthony says:

    thank you brandon
    i am trying to get the picture to show up with the quote on the sidebar and
    i believe you just answered my question. smart little trick :)

  17. ines says:

    Hi Brandon!
    I really love your quote plugin. Thank you so much! I just have one simple question. Is it possible to change the colour of the quote text?
    Thanks a lot

  18. Abdul says:

    In the Perfect Quotes widget, I do not get the option (check box) for random quotes as stated in your documentations: neither do I get the option to show the number of quotes. I am using the latest release of WP and of Perfect Quotes. Thank you in advance with any assistance you can provide.

  19. brandon says:

    I’m not sure why it isn’t working. I have been out sick for a couple weeks and am trying to catch up on things around here. I will get to this as soon as I can. Thanks for the heads up!

  20. Lynn says:


    I’m loving the plugin. Thank you so much for letting me see the quotes I’ve saved over time on a regular basis.

    Question I’m not blocking my search tool from finding quotes. So when I do a search for something like ‘change’, i get about 20 quotes back. That’s awesome except for one thing. I have to copy the quote, and paste into google to find the author. I’ve pondered creating a menu hierarchy or series of pages using your short codes to generate lists of quotes of various categories. I have a lexicon of categories so that’s a lot of work.

    If I had my ideal solution, the field currently used to type the quote would be at the bottom with the author and where from info. Upon changing any of those 3 fields, the main field would update to include a combination of the three. That way, the search results would show all available information about the quote. You would simply need to adjust the short code results and widget display to pull the quote from the added field rather than the primary data field which if used following this change would result in redundant data being displayed.

    But that’s how I would do it… :) Is that a hint or what? Seriously, thank you. I’m inspired many times daily because of your plugin….

  21. Bennie says:

    Hi there

    I used the option to place random quotes from a category to a page, but it does not show the quote reference.

    Can you please assist – the site is



  22. Sven says:

    Great plugin. But I have a problem with the Quick Edit feature. When you edit with Quickedit (change category) the information in the row author shall deleted. This is annoying. Patch available?
    (sorry, bad english. Google-translated)

  23. James says:

    I was wondering how to style the output for the shortcode. Do you use a block quote css or a custom tag?

  24. brandon says:

    Bennie, It appears as though it is showing up to me. Can you be more specific?

  25. brandon says:

    I would have to look into that for you. I can’t promise a speedy fix as I can only work on this as time and projects allow. Thanks for the heads up on this bug, though.

  26. brandon says:

    I am using the custom css class of div.perfect-quotes for the shortcode.

  27. Jules says:

    Brilliant plug-in! Easy, responsive…thanks

  28. Eric says:

    I am using the revolution slider to pull the post from perfect quotes.
    It requires me to build a template based on the Post Replace Placeholders
    Below are the options I have and the quote appears when I use %title% but I cant get the author or where is the author from placeholders from this list. I have tried %perfect_quote% %perfect_quote_author% and a few others without any luck.
    Any Ideas?


    Post Replace Placeholders:
    %meta:somemegatag% Any custom meta tag
    %title% Post Title
    %excerpt% Post Excerpt
    %alias% Post Alias
    %content% Post content
    %link% The link to the post
    %date% Date created
    %date_modified% Date modified
    %author_name% Author name
    %num_comments% Number of comments
    %catlist% List of categories with links
    %taglist% List of tags with links

  29. Hi there!

    Is there a way to make the author name link to the source? I seem to be stuck with this one!

    Great plugin, thank you :)

    Warm regards

  30. Peggy says:

    Hi Brandon.

    Is there a way to make the text larger in the sidebar widget?
    It is much much smaller than all of my other text.

    Thank you!

  31. brandon says:

    I am not familiar with the placeholders functionality. I would approach this using PHP. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  32. brandon says:

    You would have to edit the template and add the link in yourself. I am not planning on adding this feature at this point, though.

  33. brandon says:

    Peggy, you would have to add some custom css to your theme files:

    ul.perfect-quotes li { font-size: 16px; }
    ul.perfect-quotes li:before { display: none !important; }

    This should make it look right. It will also remove that little blue bullet from the quote. The “16px” can be altered to make the font look how you would like it. That number is there just for reference.

  34. Matthew says:


    Very nice plugin, but I have problems with finding shortcode to add it to my template with random quotes. Can you help me?

  35. ken says:

    Hi, thank you for this plugin. I get an error, if you could help me?

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/….com/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/……./AIT/Framework/CustomTypes/default/default-custom-type.php on line 47

  36. brandon says:

    When editing a post or page, there is a button for Perfect Quotes above the content area. If you click this, it will help you insert the proper shortcode.

  37. brandon says:

    That appears to be an issue with your theme framework. I can’t provide much more help than that. Sorry.

  38. Ricky says:

    Great plugin.
    Is there a way to add this directly under my site logo? And get rid of the quotation marks?

    Would be great to have a random different quote below our loho every time a user loads a page.


  39. brandon says:

    You can use do_shortcode in your theme files to get the quote where you want it. And if you want to remove the quotes image, you will have to “background-image: none;” for the quote using css.

  40. Sven says:

    Hey Brandon, after export the Perfect-Quotes from my old site an Import to my new site the information ” Author ” get lost ! … in the ExportFile the Information is included. I can see the Author-Entry for all Quotes. The Import looks like good. No Error. But Author is lost. Thanks for Feedback.

  41. Sven says:

    supplements: I have made ​​sure the same WordPress and Perfect Quotes version on my web pages to have the export and import.

  42. brandon says:

    That would have been my suggestion. That being said, it has been awhile since I updated the plugin. Perhaps it is time to do that ;)

  43. D'Oyen says:

    Hey Brandon,

    Any hopes for a “bulk insert/import” function? Would be great – I’m currently doing through my database.

  44. Charis says:

    Awesome plugin. I really didn’t know this before. But am facing some problems in editing.

  45. brandon says:

    I wasn’t planning on building that in, but it is not a bad idea. Thanks!

  46. Deepi says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful info. This plugin will be useful to my upcoming quotes blog. Keep Sharing Useful info like this. Good Job

  47. megan says:

    is the shortcode generator no longer available? it’s not coming up for me anywhere and i’d like to have a shortcode to put in the footer of my website.

  48. megan says:

    never mind my last comment. :)

  49. Czarina says:

    Hi! I love the plugin! I’m using a Headway theme and in the widgets sidebar, the quote displays with a bullet point. How can I correct this? Thanks!

  50. Steve says:

    Hi Brandon, I thought Perfect Quotes was exactly what I was looking for – but I’ve discovered something odd, which seeing that no-one else is asking about it, is probably something to do with the way I’ve implemented the plugin – and I’m seeing the same problem on two of my sites.

    If I access my site while being logged into my wordpress admin, then everything works exactly as I wanted, for example, every time is refreshed, another random quote is rendered. BUT – if I’m logged out, I keep getting the same quote, every time.

    Is this to do with caching? I’m new to WordPress so I won’t be surprised if I’ve done something stupid.

    BTW, one more vote for a bulk import function – maybe from a google spreadsheet? It would make it a lot swifter to populate the database.

    Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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