Innovative Marketing Strategies For New Software Creation

Many software companies will struggle to come up with innovative marketing strategies for new product lines or simple product features. The simple fact is that you can use effective research and proper idea transference within divisions of your company to make sure can keep including innovative new concepts.

The very core of all innovation strategies is having your own research capacity read most software houses decide to combine research with development which can have an adverse effect on the amount of research being done. The problem is that none of time spent looking at or discovering new technological concepts, software or operating processes that could be profitably used within your own product range. Research teams are also expected to provide a knowledge management capacity (usage through databases) of all product ideas which could be included in your future product roadmap.

Activities of all research work do however need to adhere to your own software development lifecycles. If you have product releases every six months then your research department need to work to this timescale to. This is necessary so that you have always got a good feature/innovation pipeline ready for your engineering team to start implementing.

Innovation work cannot also occur in isolation. In particular, the activities of research teams have to be effectively communicated to engineering. Small companies this can be very easy done since research employees will probably be getting the developments to. Larger companies will struggle with this especially if research divisions are separate from development. The key to solving this is to establish handover process, documentation requirements and architectural decision board so that the interface between research and development can be seamless and well-placed.

Marketing teams as well as sales divisions will also be able to contribute innovative marketing strategies so these communication channels also need to feedback directly into your research capacity. At the very least, they should be allowed access to your product knowledge database in order to contribute product enhancements, innovative ideas, etc.

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