How To Organize Your Site Using the Google Keyword Traffic Estimator

Creating a successful website requires a large amount of organization up front, and this usually starts with keywords. By targeting a lot of keywords, sometimes many in the same post or article, you will be able to gradually build your search traffic as high as you want it to go, and when you rank for many words, you won’t be completely reliant on a #1 position in Google either. A million keywords on page one of the search results will bring more traffic than a thousand keywords at #1, and if you plan your work right, using the Google keyword traffic estimator tool, it will be easier to do so as well.

How can this be? The traffic estimator tool has gone through many different versions in the past year, but it seems that, at least visually, Google has finally come to some form of final decision on it. The feature that is particularly interesting to us is a small checkbox directly underneath the box that you put your search term into. It says ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’, which means you will only see results that include the keywords that you search. If you type in ‘white socks’, the results are going to include some combination of the words white and socks.

This is extremely helpful for us as we outline our posts and decide which keywords to focus on. Sort the search results by search volume, and you will see come very closely related keywords that you could probably target on the same page as ‘white socks’. The terms ‘black and white socks’ and ‘white elite socks’ both receive considerable search traffic, and so you now have three keywords that are all related enough that they can likely all rank for the same page online.

There’s no reason to stop at three though – you could easily target dozens of words on the same page if they are all as closely related as this example, and if you get those dozens of pages on the first page of the Google results, you will see as much traffic as you would if you had just pushed ‘white socks’ up to number one without even trying for those other words. You also have created a page that is relevant to this entire circle of topics in the socks niche, so it will be picking up considerable long tail traffic at the same time.

Google has created a truly powerful tool with their keyword traffic estimator, and you should be sure to take advantage of it. For more advice on how to do this, complete with full examples, please visit Website Obsession, which includes dozens of tutorials that takes you through the full website building process.

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