How to Easily Create a Facebook Tab

What is a Facebook tab? For those who aren’t familiar, it’s the list of options underneath your profile picture when you view your Facebook profile. For businesses looking into advertising on Facebook, this means a lot as they can add additional information about their company or the services they provide in one click for existing customers as well as potential ones. If you’re new to adding a Facebook tab, it would help if you knew some basic HTML or have a program that can help you arrange how you’d like your tab to look like before you post it on Facebook.

The first thing you should do is to search for Facebook applications such as iFrame or the SocialAppsHQ. These applications will allow you to create your own tab in simple, quick, and easy steps. Once you’ve added the applications to your Facebook page, you can then copy a whole set of HTML codes and even insert links that go to other websites, like the business or the brand you are trying to promote. In a nutshell, a Facebook tab basically allows you to have a miniature version of your website right inside Facebook!

From here, you can embed videos, images, and create a fully functional personalized tab right inside your Facebook page. Some applications, like SocialAppsHQ for instance, even offer tracking services to measure how well your page is doing, how many views you’ve received, how many clicks you’ve generated, etc.

There are other Facebook applications which can help you create not only Facebook tabs, but even welcome pages for your Facebook page. This page can simply be an image of your company or the brand you are promoting, or contain a message for your followers to see. There are plenty of ways you can customize your Facebook tab, and there are plenty of apps to help which make the whole process relatively easy.

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