Four Basic Rules On Web Design

Regardless of whether your business is small or big, web presence helps earn big profits and develop the business. So for those of you who are small to medium sized business owners and would like to develop you own web site as opposed to hiring a web design Belfast company to do it for you here are a couple of rules you should observe when going about the matter.

Rule # 1: Avoid horizontal scroll options
A lot of people find it quite annoying to scroll a web page from the left to the right so as to be able to read the entire content of the page. When design a web page or site it should be fashioned in a manner that does not require site or page visitors to be tasked in having to pick their mouse and move the web page over to see what’s on the other side.

It is simpler to scroll down a web page that to scroll horizontally. It is recommended that when design you web page you view it at resolutions of 1024 x 768, 800 x 600 and 640 x 480 so to evade scrolling you web page horizontally. You can never be too certain that you won’t lose some of your potential clients or audiences to a competitor because they use a monitor with low resolution dislike scrolling horizontally.

Rule # 2: Limit screen information
Having to scroll down a page forever just to get to the whole information is just as annoying as having to scroll to the right. A rule that a single web should not necessitate the browser to scroll down more than 3 screens should be a applied here, anything more than that requires you to go back to the beginning and modify the design of your web pages screen.

Rule # 3: Web page size
This rule implies that a web page should not be more than 50 Kb as anything larger than that affects the time it take to download the page. However as helpful as this rule is it must be noted that there are grey areas to it. This means that sometimes a web page requires large images or graphics to get its point through. In such cases the web designer may use his or her discretion when designing the page.

Rule # 4: Don’t force viewers to download pug-ins
It is true that plug-ins can offer an extra wow factor however it is important to keep in mind that even though we reside in an advanced technology age not everyone has plug-ins. So to accommodate everyone developing a HTML alternative is the best course of action.

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