Five of the Best Article Marketing Sites in the Internet

The best article marketing sites can be helpful for writers, especially those seeking additional exposure on product marketing articles. Marketing sites are useful because distributing articles to these sites makes them available for others to view, adding much desired marketing exposure. Additionally, writers who use marketing sites increase the likelihood of a website adding the link to its site, which in turn increases the article’s search engine optimization. So what are some good sites to use? Below are five of the top article marketing sites.

Ezine has over one million monthly visitors and is regarded as the leading marketing directory in the industry. When submitting articles to Ezine, they must be informative and share unique expertise. Writers need to include tips, techniques, strategies, opinions, analysis, and commentary in their articles. Ezine will not accept articles that include quoted text exceeding 5 lines. Additionally, press releases, promotional copies, advertisements, sales letters, or self-promotion are prohibited at Ezine.

GoArticles is another popular marketing site. GoArticles publishes articles ranging from 300 to 15,000 words. However, submissions under 300 words will be automatically rejected. Additionally, submissions that include lines of text with a link connected to another site where the same article is published will be removed.

ArticleCity offers both article and press release submissions. Articlecity’s home page is more visual than most other article marketing sites, with photos representing each category. ArticleCity also features articles from a wide range of topics. is another quality site. However, Buzzle’s registration requirements are stricter than most since writers must be a recognized subject matter experts by submitting previous examples of their work for review before being granted access. The strict admittance policy is why Buzzle remains one of the most respected article marketing sites on the web.

With an attractive front page and easy navigation, Articlebiz is another popular marketing site. Articles are categorized into topics and sub-categories, allowing easy classification and access to its appropriate audiences. With a high Google PageRank, the site offers authors excellent exposure. Articles are often rated and readers are encouraged to leave feedback, which can give writers more credibility.

Article marketing sites are a great way for writers and businesses to gain exposure. However, be sure to carefully read each sites terms and conditions.

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  1. Ken Bishop says:

    In your opinion, does article marketing still work in 2014 and on. What do you consider the major benefits with all the Google algorithm changes, direct traffic, back links or other?

  2. GOarticles is not accepting any articles!!

    Sorry, is no longer accepting new article submissions. We wish this wasn’t the end, but unfortunately, it is and we aren’t able to continue. You can download a backup copy of all of your submissions below so that you can re-use your content on your own website or other competitor sites. Thank you for being a member and we’re sorry that this site will be coming to an end shortly.

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