Facebook Applications – Do I really need them?

With 750 million people worldwide using Facebook, there is no need to question why Facebook Applications are an essential part of any social marketing campaign. Facebook Applications are simply software that extends the functionality of Facebook. Facebook Applications vary and may be anything from a fun game to a tool that helps you sell your own products. Your business should be leveraging the power of Facebook Applications and using the Facebook marketing platform to generate interest from perspective and established customers. It is important to understand the specific components you need for own Facebook Application before seeking out Facebook Developers to create your business’s Facebook Application.

There are some key questions you should have in mind when thinking about the functionality of your own Facebook Application. First, you should consider what you want the application to do. Are you interested in providing coupons to your customers on Facebook? Do you want the application to feature your newest product? Do you want to include some type of polling feature to figure out what your customers want? How often do you want to provide updates? How much interaction do you want to have with your customers? These are just a few questions to consider before hiring a Facebook Developer.

Also consider the look and feel of your Facebook Application. You want something that effectively communicates your company’s brand and style. Make sure your app reflects this with the colors and layout you choose. Make sure your application is simple and easy to use. You may also wish to incorporate testimonials or some type of feedback component to stay on the pulse of your brand and customers’ interests. Essentially, you want to make sure you not only connect with new and existing customers, you want to stay connected. Consider how informative you want your Facebook Application to be. Developing an application that is fun and informative may help increase the popularity of your application.

Looking at existing Facebook Applications will certainly help you get ideas about what you want for own application. You may even wish to make a list of about five features you like from various Facebook Applications so that the developer you hire will have a better sense of what you are looking for. Facebook Applications are a great way to expand your brand online and create an active community around your product or service. Facebook Developers are there to help you bring your vision to life but it is a good ideal to have a general understanding of what that vision is before you hire a Facebook Developer.

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