Copy Writing Tips and Tricks

Recently we’ve been studying copy writing here at Perfect Space, as part of developing a great website and building great business opportunities. We wanted to just share a few tricks of the trade we’ve been learning. Enjoy, and feel free to add to these in the comments.

  • The best copy writing is one that tells a story.
  • There are 3 main categories of stories:
    • Life-changing or “Epic” stories (getting married, getting rich, going broke, etc)
    • Significant events (a car wreck, big break up, new job, etc)
    • Insignificant observations (driving a golf ball 450 yards)
  • Start copy writing using significant events. But once you get good, the insignificant observations are outstanding to work with
  • Basic elements of a kick-ass story:

    • Punchy, coherent plot line
    • Action or the setup of action
    • Punchline, moral or point
    • Visceral, relevant details (painting a picture in the prospect’s head)
  • Beware:
    • A list of facts or features is not a story
    • A well-planned, logical argument is not a story (a core part of salesmanship is that the person makes up their own mind)
    • Disjointed details, tangents and inconsequential actions is not a story
  • A good story essentially a trip that lulls your listener into a receptive state
  • See your life as a movie (you’ll start seeing lighting, stage setup, crafting, etc). You can change your life by changing the script. Otherwise your life story will write itself.
  • Almost everything we see on TV and drama is a three-act plot.
  • Try to write your stories in three sentences — A setup, a bit of plot/action, and a point. (This works perfectly for the Adwords ad model).
  • Adjectives are evil. Verbs are your savior.

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