ConSource, Inc.


The Company

ConSource, Inc. is a lead generation company who focuses on the construction industry. Their daily operations consist of collecting, aggregating and maintaining lists of potential new job leads for construction companies and individual contractors and sub contractors.

The Problem

ConSource needed to build an automated system to request leads from suppliers and deliver leads to clients as well as do data scrubbing and normalization. Their entire operation is built with just two sets of data, but they needed a myriad of processes in place to manage the constantly changing and new data.

The Solution

To help manage the massive amount of data coming in each week, Perfect Space was contracted to build modular components for each step in the process. We started, though, by helping the company explore and retain new revenue streams using their current data – a competency we’re quite proud of. Next, we created hundreds of small processes from automated email reminders to data parsing to data normalization with 3rd party APIs.

Today, we are happily proud to still the primary source of technical and business consultation and programming for ConSource.

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