Comparison Of Computer Backup Options | Offline And Online Solutions

The two major computer backup options are to make local duplicates (to CD/external HDD) or upload your files to a backup service. This article shows you the pros and cons of each method.

It used to be that a laptop data backup could simply be done by burning a CD. It is more popular nowadays to use an external hard drive to clone files using synchronization software. This is in fact very cost-effective way of making your backups. You also the flexibility to reuse the hardware and it can prove to be very fast when retrieving your backup files.

The major flaw in the system is however human error. These computer backup options have to be manually invoked (i.e. burning the CD/run the synchronization software) so the process can easily be forgotten about. This only becomes a problem when it comes time to restore files from the backups. There is also the problem of storing original and backup data so close to each other since both could be lost as result of the same incident.

Web-based computer backup options do seem to solve some of these problems. These are usually commercial operations which provide you with a client application that is configured to upload specific folders to their backup servers. The process can be completely automated so you don’t forget to do the backups. You also don’t need any additional hardware so anybody doing a laptop data backup while traveling will appreciate not having to carry the extra hard drive.

The solution is not perfect however. You may not have access to fast Internet connection, especially traveling on the road and being dependent on hotel broadband. The cost of it can also become quite like depending on what sort of data limits/volumes you want to upload (don’t forget these are usually subscription based so involve a monthly payments).

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