Copy Writing Tips and Tricks

Recently we’ve been studying copy writing here at Perfect Space, as part of developing a great website and building great business opportunities. We wanted to just share a few tricks of the trade we’ve been learning. Enjoy, and feel free to add to these in the comments. The best copy writing is one that tells […]

Changing The Status Quo

Typically, we would write our own content. But this post (in it’s entirety) by Seth Godin says it all, and requires almost nothing more. Often, businesses hire freelancers (writers, photographers, process consultants, trainers) to solve a specific problem for the lowest possible cost. And a good freelancer at the right price is often the right […]

What Socrates Taught Me About The Web

It’s been overstated that the internet has changed the game of many industries, of business, of communication, and so much more… but now you understand why. It became the best (or the only) thing to use because of it’s abilities and traits – it’s function. Your job is to leverage it to the best of it’s ability.

Small Business Performance Metrics

When it’s time to build a business most entrepreneurs don’t think about the statistics. Sure, we’ll do a business plan and fudge some numbers here and there to make it look good and get that nice “hockey stick” look to it which makes investors drool (or ask about your sanity). But once we’ve started the company we look back and think “Oh crap! How do we measure our success?”

Re-branding Perfect Space

Welcome to the new Perfect Space.

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