Innovative Marketing Strategies For New Software Creation

Many software companies will struggle to come up with innovative marketing strategies for new product lines or simple product features. The simple fact is that you can use effective research and proper idea transference within divisions of your company to make sure can keep including innovative new concepts. The very core of all innovation strategies […]

How to Easily Create a Facebook Tab

What is a Facebook tab? For those who aren’t familiar, it’s the list of options underneath your profile picture when you view your Facebook profile. For businesses looking into advertising on Facebook, this means a lot as they can add additional information about their company or the services they provide in one click for existing […]

Comparison Of Computer Backup Options | Offline And Online Solutions

The two major computer backup options are to make local duplicates (to CD/external HDD) or upload your files to a backup service. This article shows you the pros and cons of each method. It used to be that a laptop data backup could simply be done by burning a CD. It is more popular nowadays […]

Use Facebook to Find a Job!

Facebook for many people is just all fun and games but what few realize is that you can actually find a job by using the tool you spend time on every day!  Many companies are starting to realize that they can reach a large market of potential employees without a large amount of cost.  Lots […]

Why Allow Customers to Order Online?

A major breakthrough in the restaurant business was the ability to order food over the phone. This is now considered standard fare for many restaurants, and the internet has become the new way for restaurants to differentiate themselves and their service. Ordering food online is a convenient way for customers to get their food delivered […]

The Value of Blocking Websites and How to Unblock Them

It is a common story especially in nations that are looking to keep certain content off their internet space for them to block a site such that the person browsing the net is unable to connect to that site. In such instances the site is made unavailable to the internet user either within a limited […]

Living in an Online World

With all the uses people have found for the internet, it is surprising that internet communication has barely evolved for the past several years.  For the longest time if you wanted to talk to one of your friends you were stuck with nothing more than instant messaging and email. Although these each have a number […]

Five of the Best Article Marketing Sites in the Internet

The best article marketing sites can be helpful for writers, especially those seeking additional exposure on product marketing articles. Marketing sites are useful because distributing articles to these sites makes them available for others to view, adding much desired marketing exposure. Additionally, writers who use marketing sites increase the likelihood of a website adding the […]

The One Laptop per Child Project

The One Laptop per Child or OLPC project is the brainchild of MIT Professor Nicholas Negroponte. The mission of the project is to help the under-privileged children (mainly from developing countries) to get the benefits of education using a laptop. The lightweight laptop developed under this project is known as the XO, which is a […]

Benefits of VoIP Consulting

With the increasingly fast evolution of technology, even the telecommunication industry is continually evolving. One of the recent developments in voice communications is the VoIP system or Voice over Internet Protocol system. This allows receiving and making calls through Internet Protocols and the result is cheaper telephone charges and elimination of any toll charges. It […]

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