Perfect Quotes – a WordPress plugin

Recently a family member asked me to help set up a WordPress site so they could start blogging and share with the world their thoughts about life. One of the things requested was a plugin that would allow them to put a quote they liked onto the sidebar. It seemed like a simple enough request. […]

An Overview of Scalable Hosting

In today’s web environment you never know when there’s going to be high user traffic to your website; if your site can’t cope with a surge in traffic then your website can load slowly or not load at all, meaning lost visitors and potentially sales. In fact, sometimes dealing with success on the web can […]

How To Organize Your Site Using the Google Keyword Traffic Estimator

Creating a successful website requires a large amount of organization up front, and this usually starts with keywords. By targeting a lot of keywords, sometimes many in the same post or article, you will be able to gradually build your search traffic as high as you want it to go, and when you rank for […]

Facebook Applications – Do I really need them?

With 750 million people worldwide using Facebook, there is no need to question why Facebook Applications are an essential part of any social marketing campaign. Facebook Applications are simply software that extends the functionality of Facebook. Facebook Applications vary and may be anything from a fun game to a tool that helps you sell your […]

The Marvelous 360 Degree Feedback Survey

There is a marvelous new way to get evaluations completed in the workplace and it’s 360 feedback survey. This is probably different from the way that most companies get their evaluations done. While most companies use evaluations in an employees regular performance reviews, most don’t have a full 360 degrees of feedback. The company that […]

Why Businesses need Dedicated Server Hosting

For millions of people the internet is a place that provides unlimited access to many different possibilities in shopping, entertainment, information and recreation. Being able to log into a website and download images, or make purchases a number of people have come to rely on their computer to return the results of their web surfing […]

5 Free Finace Related Apps For Your iPad

iPads are certainly the must have gadget of the moment, and there is a lot you can do with them. But they are not cheap, so if you do happen to have blown all your money on a brand new one, these free finance apps my help you to claw it back… Mint: This app […]

When is it best to switch to a dedicated server

Imagine you have built a website which worked fine at first, but is now taking more time to load or is often brought down by hackers. This can happen if you are on a shared hosting and the host is having a hard time responding to all the requests or is often attacked. The solution: […]

Four Basic Rules On Web Design

Regardless of whether your business is small or big, web presence helps earn big profits and develop the business. So for those of you who are small to medium sized business owners and would like to develop you own web site as opposed to hiring a web design Belfast company to do it for you […]

Advertising with Social Media

The world of social media presents a number of challenges to advertisers looking to present relevant content to receptive audiences. The old CPM model simply doesn’t work anymore. This is because this advertising model is based on locating the specific content of the webpage and attempting to deliver ads to customers based on that content. […]

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