Advertising with Social Media

The world of social media presents a number of challenges to advertisers looking to present relevant content to receptive audiences. The old CPM model simply doesn’t work anymore. This is because this advertising model is based on locating the specific content of the webpage and attempting to deliver ads to customers based on that content. The problem with social media is that there is no longer a single set page of content and users are less likely to become distracted by clickable ads.

Context not Content

Social networking advertising requires a newer way of thinking in order to produce results. Enter the use of context-based social searches. Because the social media participant utilizes a number of different media types and platforms, it is much more useful to track the user’s context across these various communities. This is accomplished through the use of universal profiles or hyperlinked records of a social media user’s participation across many different websites. This means that you will be able to deliver more specific context-based advertisements to more willing readers, resulting in better interactions between customers and companies.

By being able to discover the contextual interests of potential customers, your company will be able to target them with relevant content delivered in a relevant location. It also allows you to better control your company’s reputation with social media.

A Better Reputation

Context oriented discovery and universal profiles create a more meaningful relationship between potential customers and companies looking to engage them. This allows you greet the user where and when they are online, without having to force irrelevant ads down their throats. It can certainly be used as part of an online reputation management plan because it allows companies to build up a reputation and brand name by targeting their most receptive clients.

As long as your business takes the proper steps to ensure their reputation management, a context-based advertising scheme could vastly increase your business’s customer loyalty and brand name appeal. This in turn will result in more effective social media advertising techniques.

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