5 Free Finace Related Apps For Your iPad

iPads are certainly the must have gadget of the moment, and there is a lot you can do with them. But they are not cheap, so if you do happen to have blown all your money on a brand new one, these free finance apps my help you to claw it back…


This app is fantastic for managing your spending and costs on a day to day basis – it enables you to keep track of your spending and other accounts such as any loans or investments – which is a great help for personal budgeting.


This app is a must have if you want to be able accept credit card transactions absolutely anywhere. You simply sign up for a square account and get your free card reader, which plugs into your Ipad’s headphone port and you’re away. The only cost is 2.75% of each transaction you take.

Easy Books:

This is a must have app for any small business owners or anyone who is self employed. It makes keeping your books balanced and up to date a complete doddle. You can track accounts, sales and costs easily and even produce invoices in PDF format.

Grocery IQ:

This is the perfect tool for the keen bargain shopper. We all like freebies where we can find them, but when that’s not possible, saving a few pennies here and there will do nicely. There is simply too much to explain it all here, but suffice to say that the app helps you prepare for your shopping trip and saves on impulse buys which saves you lots of money.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, there is wealth of fantastic apps out there, so make sure you go and explore – start with these ones and go from there.

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